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About Our Team

At Love Infusion Foods, our core team infuses love, support, and connection into everything we create. Together, we believe in fostering not only a healthy body through our products but also healthy teamwork, making our team truly exceptional.

Leading the way is Kelly Schwegel, our CEO, affectionately known as “The Salty Woman,” whose passion drives our mission.

Kirk Williams, our CFO and “The Bold Man,” ensures our financial health with his keen insight and determination.

Elisabeth Melcher, our CMO, brings her dynamic flair as “The Spicy Girl,” making our brand vibrant by focusing on engagement and outreach. 

We have collaborated to identify our core beliefs!

·      Food is like medicine for the body.
·      You are what you eat, however even health is best in moderation.
·      Healthy bodies lead to a healthy mind.
·      Healthy minds lead to a healthy body.
·      Your body has a lot to say to you, listen to it. 
·      Steps on the health journey are individual, unique.
·      Wherever you are on your health journey is ok.
·      Small steps to a healthier you are often the biggest steps.
·      Culinary creation is creative expression.
·      Our product is a way to be creative with food and bring people together.
·      Creating a community of health-minded people is equally as important as our product.
·      Educating people about health and wellness is equally as important as our product.
·      A business is only as strong as the team that builds it.
·      Miracles can happen, underdogs can become huge, success can happen overnight, so we dream big!
·      Our team—our family of equals—lift each other up.
·      Competition is replaced with compassion and support.
·      We are all doing our best, and that is more than enough.


Promote, inspire, and educate mindful eating, culinary creation and healthy well-being through attainable products and valuable information.


To become universally known as a respected, inclusive company of clean products, while creating a movement of inspired people making unique, realistic growth on their wellness journey.