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Introducing Love Infusion Foods Lemon Superfruit Boozin’ Infusion, the perfect way to elevate your cocktails with a burst of citrus and the goodness of dehydrated superfruits. This infusion blend offers a convenient way to enhance your favorite spirits with the refreshing zest of lemon and a medley of nutritious superfruits. Simply add your chosen alcohol to our jar and let the flavors meld, creating vibrant cocktails bursting with antioxidants and bright citrus notes. Whether you’re mixing up a lively sangria, a classic martini, or experimenting with your own concoction, this infusion from Love Infusion Foods brings a blend of healthful benefits and delicious flavors to your drinking experience. Enjoy crafting refreshing and nutritious cocktails with Lemon Superfruit Boozin’ Infusion.

INGREDIENTS: Dehydrated lemon, dehydrated cranberries, dehydrated blueberries, dehydrated cherries, pure cane sugar, sunflower oil

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 5 in


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